Conceive after miscarriage

Miscarriages make conceiving turn out to be a long wait after a woman experiences it.  There are times that the woman should wait within four weeks to six weeks after the miscarriage took place.  They have to wait for their normal menstrual cycle to return so that they can try to conceive again.  All the same the woman should wait for her cycle because it is actually difficult to know if your menstrual cycle has come back to the normal period so that you can try to conceive after miscarriage with your partner.

When miscarriage happen often but without any continuous bleeding, the woman will ovulate within a period of 2 to 4 weeks right after the miscarriage.  If you don’t have any symptoms like blood discharges, fever, or bleeding which are signs of infection after your miscarriage, then there is no problem that you can try to conceive after miscarriage.

When your normal menstrual cycle returns, then your wanting to become pregnant can have a bigger chance right after your miscarriage happened.  So while you are monitoring your cycle to return to normal from the time you had your miscarriage, you should also watch out for curettage or any other product that might have not been removed or been exposed.  When you experience continuous bleeding this might be caused by a placental tissue that might have been left behind.  Otherwise, your menstrual cycle should go back to normal.

When you consult to a doctor, most of the time the doctors will tell you to monitor your basal body temperature or check your cervical mucus to see when you are fertile.  If you think that your cycle has been in its normal stage and yet after you engage with sexual intercourse with your partner without using any kind of contraceptive then you should go to your doctor and have yourself checked because most couples who have been in regular sexual engagement have conceive after their miscarriages once they were back to their normal cycle within 1 year.

Infertility specialists are also very advisable to consult with since they can give you plans on when to take your basal body temperature and to observe your cervical mucus and to induce ovulation.

A lot of women get disappointed and discouraged if they cannot conceive after miscarriage.  So if ever you experience one, do not give up just then.  Consult and work with your infertility specialist so that you can find out if there are any other problems that might have affected your miscarriage.

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