Healthy Pregnancy

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A healthy pregnancy is normal. A healthy woman can usually enjoy a healthy pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy also refers to the health of the developing fetus. there are many things a woman can do and not do to increase the chances for a healthy pregnancy. The first thing a woman should do is think about her health before she conceives a child. Excellent diet, good, regular exercise, minimal stress, abstinence from certain substances like cigarettes, recreational drugs and alcohol, and certain supplements in order to be proactive against various birth defects.

Every woman, and every person in fact should concern themselves with being healthy, but it is of particular importance for a woman considering pregnancy to pay attention to aspects of her health so she can have a healthy pregnancy. Every day, there are new discoveries about birth defect prevention. But it is well established now that sufficient folic acid is important for a healthy pregnancy outcome. There has been evidence that low levels of folic acid can contribute to certain neural tube defects. Folic acid for a healthy pregnancy is something that is proven to be good for women to get enough of, beginning, preferably before conception.

A healthy diet is important for everyone, but it is extra important for a healthy pregnancy. Plenty of the right balance of healthy foods contributes to healthy growth of the baby during pregnancy. It is not necessary for a woman to overeat to achieve a healthy pregnancy. On the contrary, only about 350 additional calories per day of the right foods, along with certain supplements creates the right diet for a healthy pregnancy for most women. Of course, it is essential to check with your health care provider to be sure that you don’t have any special circumstances that require a special diet in order for you to have a healthy pregnancy.

Exercise is also an important aspect to a healthy exercise. If you health care provider gives you the go ahead to continue any regular exercise program you are used to, then, by all means, go ahead and continue. But be careful to get clearance for any new types of exercise during pregnancy from your health care provider before starting one. There are many classes in prenatal yoga which, with proper instruction might be the perfect exercise for you so you can maintain a healthy pregnancy. Prenatal yoga will help condition your mind and body for a healthy birth as well.

Lastly, stay away from certain things while you are pregnant so you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby…smoking, (first or second hand smoke) Smoking will most certainly interfere with a healthy pregnancy. Smoking is known to lead to premature births and low birth weights in babies so we know that smoking is not only unhealthy for mother, but unhealthy for unborn babies as well. Drugs and alcohol are also substances to be avoided if you want a healthy pregnancy. There are many negative side effects to mother and baby when exposed to these substances. And get adequate rest and try to remain as stress free as possible so you can allow your body to experience a healthy pregnancy.

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