How to Get Pregnant Without Him Knowing

how to get pregnant without him knowingHow to get pregnant without him knowing that you are

Would you like to become just a single mom? Would you like to know how to get pregnant without him knowing? Do you want to surprise your husband through your first child? In reality the choice of becoming pregnant is supposed to be a mutual decision between the husband and wife. But in most cases nowadays, becoming pregnant is being determined by the woman due to a lot of reasons.

She may want to surprise her husband or if the woman is not married yet, she just want to have her own child to raise without the help of a man. It is quite unlikely for this to happen since bringing up a child are both accompanied supposedly by both parties but because of unwanted problems and misunderstandings, many couple break up and thus leaving the child with a single parent.

Ways of how to get pregnant without him knowing

When you have decided to surprise your husband for example, here are ways on how to get pregnant without him knowing. First you can find out when you are ovulating. This is actually the best choice and your husband can never know it especially when you are not talking about it. You can find out when you the egg has been released from the ovary into the fallopian tube. Or you can observe your cervical mucus as well as your basal temperature.

When you have read all these successfully you can then have sexual intercourse within this time period until the next few days so that you can become pregnant successfully. It’s up to you now how you can make your husband have sex with you each day so that he will not know what you are aiming for.

How to get pregnant without him knowing immediately

If for example your husband is also conscious about your menstrual period and he also knows how to count. The best way on how to get pregnant without him knowing is not to let him know when your last day of the period took place. This will lose the track of his count and he wouldn’t be able to know when you are fertile again. Especially if you have a regular period, it will be quite easy to count when you are going to ovulate.

You can tell him the last day which isn’t really the last day so that he will count mistakenly and you can then achieve your goal of becoming pregnant because he will think that it is safe to have sex but in reality he has lost count and you will get pregnant and will be on your way to surprise him.

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  1. Jenny Rojas says:

    I want to get pregnant of my boyfriend but we always use a condom and when he is going to cum he pulls it out and I give him a handjob then he comes, I dont know what to do so I can get pregnant of him, please help!

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