IUI Success Rates

IUI success ratesThe IUI success rates in pregnancy

Would you like to know the IUI success rates? Are you having problems in pregnancy that you would like to know how you can become pregnant through IUI? IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is a method of artificial insemination where the sperm of the male is injected into the reproductive tract of the female so that it will impregnate her. This is a means of not using natural insemination or sexual intercourse.

When you talk about it’s success rates, it actually depends on the studies made and some show that about 8% are success rates that take place if the IUI is partnered with the use of fertility drugs. Other studies show a success rate of 20% which means that it does work for couples how plan to get pregnant when they aren’t successful with the natural way.

Age having roles in IUI success rates

Women who are over the age of 40 have very low IUI success rates that go down to 2%. With the studies made to women who underwent this method only have to undergo a single cycle, but if this attempt in using IUI fails then they should move to IVF which are recommended most by doctors and fertility specialists. But because of this experience of women with older age, it is more advisable to go straight to IVF than undergo IUI so that they can spend lesser.

As for women who are under the age of 40, the recommendation of going through IUI is three cycles before they move to the IVF method. Study shows that almost 40% of the success rate has been experienced by women under age 40 to get pregnant who underwent the cycles.

Understanding further IUI success rates

For the male part, IUI success rates are better for the mild to moderate infertility problems than the ones who have severe male infertility. For the ones who have a severe infertility issue, IVF is the method or treatment recommended. But for those who donate sperms, IUI is recommended especially if the females side has no infertility problem or just a mild one.

If the woman has a hostile cervical mucus that causes her infertility then IUI treatment will be a good choice. IUI is actually far more cheaper than IVF and this is why couples are more attracted to the IUI method. But if you analyze carefully the success rate between IUI and IVF, even if IVF is more expensive it’s success rate is higher than IUI and this is why it it more recommended to go straight to the IVF treatment for a successful pregnancy.

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