Natural infertility treatments

As years pass by, more and more couples are having fertility problems. Studies show that 25 percent of all the couples who are planning to have a child will have difficulties in conceiving.

These couples will have to turn to the various fertility treatments that are available. As we know, these fertility treatments are quite expensive.  But there are also natural infertility treatments that can help addressing this problem.

There are several factors which can cause fertility problems. These factors could be female problems like endometriosis, ovulatory failure, tubal damage, etc; male problems and undetermined causes.

Undetermined or unexplained causes are the leading cause of infertility. It is a condition in which the root cause of the problem is unfound or undetermined. This condition can be caused by emotional factors, unhealthy lifestyle or nutrition deficiencies. Natural infertility treatments aim to help those who are diagnosed with unexplained causes of infertility.

A good and balanced diet plays a very critical part in conception. Having a proper diet and giving your body the proper nourishment it needs, will help prevent hormonal imbalances which can cause infertility. You should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water. You have to avoid certain foods like fatty foods and highly processed carbohydrates and drinks containing caffeine and alcohol.

These foods do more harm in the body especially in your reproductive system. They are proven to lower the chances of getting pregnant by fifty percent. It also lowers the sperm quality, mobility and sperm count. It can also produce abnormalities in sperms. Alcohol intake can also lessen the absorption of zinc in the body which is a vital element for male fertility.

Taking various vitamins and minerals are helpful natural infertility treatments. These can help improve fertility. Folic acid, Selenium and Zinc are proven effective fertility enhancers.  Selenium prevents the sperm cell’s oxidation. It helps maintain sperm quality.

Selenium is best taken by men at 70 mcg daily together with Vitamin E.  Zinc on the other hand helps increase sperm count. Zinc deficiency in men will cause low testosterone levels, low sperm count, produces unhealthy sperm and shrinks the size of the testicles.

Intake of vitamins B6 and C are helpful in women’s reproductive health. Vitamin B6 helps prevent Luteal Phase defects amongst women. It regulates and lengthens the Luteal Phase of a female’s cycle. It also alleviates depression and other PMS symptoms.

Vitamin C is also helpful in preventing Luteal Phase defect and improves the hormone levels of women. Although it is a great antioxidant, it is best to take Vitamin C moderately to avoid drying up of cervical fluids. These vitamins and minerals along with other herbal supplements may help enhance fertility.

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  1. Paul says:

    I’m glad you brought up these points. It’s so true! My heart goes out to all of you that are in this situation. For all of you who are TTC, here’s a story for you. My wife and I tried to have children for over 3 years. We were contemplating IVF and adoption, but just trying to save up the money for either was an obstacle. Finally, a family member told us about a product called BeeFertile. It’s a natural fertility product – no prescription required. It’s a 2 part kit and has Royal Jelly in it, which is supposed to be really good for increasing fertility. We were skeptical, but decided to try it. It was so much cheaper than having to take fertility testing, etc. So they tell you that it takes 3-6 months for it to work. I’m happy to report that only after 3 months of taking the kit, my wife was PPT!!!

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