The causes of recurrent miscarriages in detail

Miscarriage or pregnancy loss is the term used when a woman is not going to succeed in becoming pregnant before a period of 20 weeks of development.  Statistics shows that 20% of women who become pregnant end up in a miscarriage status and most of them are during the first 12 weeks.  A recurrent miscarriage is when a woman experienced 3 or more than 3 times of pregnancy loss.

Some causes of recurrent miscarriages are genetic defects, hormonal imbalances, irregular uterus shape, and if you have diabetes these can also be a cause for a habitual pregnant loss.  When you are also have bad habits such as drinking, smoking and even caffeine, they can be a cause of recurrent miscarriages as well as medicines that can be harmful to pregnancy.

Other causes of recurrent miscarriages is when you have an inefficient cervix.  This may lead you to undergo a surgical operation where a surgical stitch will be made around your cervix to help it from expanding in advance.

Some tests may be done to see if you why you are having a recurring miscarriage.  This test is to map out your chromosomes to see if it has genetic defects, a kind of blood test called hysterosalpingogram can be made to see if your immune system has abnormalities and also to measure your hormone levels.

When you reach the age of 35, you can get this risk of recurring miscarriages.  Those who are in their 40’s experience miscarriages as well reaching a percentage of 33%.  So you have to be aware of your age so that you can watch out if you will experience miscarriage.

There are also infections that causes recurrent miscarriages.   On the genital area, a bacterial vaginosis may be a high risk of miscarriage so be sure to have a test for infections in your body so that you can prevent miscarriage from happening and your risk of not getting pregnant will go down so you can enjoy having a baby with your partner.

There are also no known causes that may result in miscarriage.  Around 50% or more women cannot find out what are the causes of their recurring miscarriages.  And the worst thing is, there is a different cause of every miscarriage experienced which you may not be able to monitor well and not prevent it to happen again.

But the great thing about that is the couple who would really want to have a child can still have them, around 60% to 70% of couples even if they have recurred miscarriage still get pregnant successfully as long as they keep in mind the causes and follow the ways of preventing and acting on them.

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